IB – Language Policy

The Brody Middle School Mission
Brody Middle School students are actively involved in a quality educational program to reach their fullest potential as inquiring, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring learners within a global community.

The Brody Mission is to ensure learning by providing quality instruction for all students that supports a lifetime commitment to intercultural understanding and respect.

Statement of Philosophy
All students will benefit from a shared commitment to language acquisition in all classes and across all subjects, and every teacher is considered a teacher of language. American Standard English is the primary language of instruction.

Development of language skills, both spoken and written, is critical to strengthening communication and is an expression of culture. We value the linguistic diversity of our school community and are dedicated to supporting first-language development, as well as the acquisition of additional language. Multilingualism increases cognitive abilities, including problem-solving, creativity and memory, as well a learner’s ability to communicate in diverse environments. Language learning and teaching is an ongoing partnership between our schools, students and parents. Brody Middle School’s English Language Learner (ELL) program provides intensive support and resources for the mother tongue through daily pullout and in-classroom instruction.

Language and Literature
The primary language of instruction in the MYP is American Standard English. All teachers/staff/adults are considered language teachers.
• Teachers model proficient literacy behaviors.
• Teachers and students work together to practice and develop reading, literacy and communication skills.
• Students are expected to demonstrate reading, literacy and communication skills both independently and in group settings.
Within this structure, students work to meet grade-level standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening and media literacy. The scope and sequence of specific skills is prescribed by the Iowa Core and Common Core curricula and high school, college and career-readiness expectations.

Language Acquisition
Language Acquisition encourages an appreciation for and understanding of other languages and cultures, and provides a skill base for further language learning. The Language Acquisition offering in the MYP Years 1-3 (6th-8th grade) is Spanish. Students learn to speak, listen, read, and write in a second language. Language Acquisition must be sustained Spanish over the three years of the program.