IB – Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Policy

The Brody Middle School Mission

Brody Middle School students are actively involved in a quality educational program to reach their fullest potential as inquiring, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring learners within a global community.

The Brody Mission is to ensure learning by providing quality instruction for all students that supports a lifetime commitment to intercultural understanding and respect.

Statement of Philosophy

All students, staff, administrators and parents will promote personal integrity and best practice in learning and assessment. Students and staff will embody the IB Learner Profile, demonstrating the traits of principled, thoughtful, balanced inquirers who, by being respectful, responsible and ready, create a shared culture of academic honesty.


Academic Honesty promotes the use of original ideas and fully acknowledges others’ work.

Plagiarism is using another’s words, images or ideas without due credit or acknowledgement.

Cheating is attempting to gain an unfair advantage by misuse of outside or unoriginal sources, through technology or otherwise.

Copying is duplicating the answers or work of another or allowing others to replicate work.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Develop an instructional environment conducive to academic honesty
  • Model best practices in academic honesty
  • Provide documentation and consequences for academic dishonesty that align with policy


  • Strive to embody creative inquiry and engage in authentic research
  • Foster a culture of academic honesty with staff and administration
  • Recognize and understand acceptable conduct
  • Accept the legitimate consequences of policy violations


  • Allow and encourage learners to demonstrate their own work and thinking
  • Recognize what constitutes a violation of the academic honesty policy
  • Understand and support the academic honesty policy

Process and Consequences

If academic dishonesty is suspected and discovered, the misconduct will be documented, parent contact made and the student will be required to resubmit a similar task. Repeat and/or serious offenses of misconduct will result in disciplinary action stated under the Des Moines Public School’s district code of conduct. At the discretion of the building staff/administration, additional classroom and building-wide penalties may occur.