Oceania 8th

Keith Lehman

Individuals and Societies - 8th Grade

E: keith.lehman@dmschools.org


Mr. Lehman attended Iowa State University and majored in Elementary Education. He also has a Masters Degree in Education. He has endorsements in reading, social studies, coaching, middle school, and a 9-12 History endorsement. When he is not teaching, he likes to spend time with his family (wife and two children) watching sports, coaching his boys' sports teams and playing golf. He spends his summer months working at a golf course in Ames.

James McCormack

8th Science

E: james.mccormack@dmschools.org

Tonya Richards

Language and Literature - 8th Grade

E: tonya.richards@dmschools.org

Kimberly Wermerskirchen

Mathematics - 8th Grade

E: kimberly.wermerskirchen@dmschools.org


I love math.  I have always enjoyed solving riddles, puzzles, brain teasers and the like; so solving math problems is right up my alley.  I like to share my enthusiasm with my students.  I graduated from Central College with a Math/Computer Science degree and received my Masters in Education from Drake University.  I live south of Des Moines with my awesome math teacher husband and two daughters.  We enjoy "country" living; but as my children say I'm more comfortable at a mall.  My hobbies are scrapbooking and shopping...a lot.  It's a good thing I know how to do the math!