Marvel Club/Star Wars Club


Marvel Club is dedicated to the love of Marvel comics and movies. The club is open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th-grade students who have an interest in Marvel comics, shows, or movies. Students will be involved in a number of different activities such as reading and discussing comic books, analyzing movie trailers, and much more!  Marvel Club meets on Wednesday from 3:45-5:00 in the Brody Library.

9/20/23 Ahsoka/Clone Wars Ahsoka/Clone Wars (Game)
9/27/23 Marvel Trivia Day Trivia/Would You Rather
10/4/23 Star Wars Trivia Day Trivia
10/11/23 Loki Season 2/Upcoming Shows & Movies Loki
10/18/23 Star Wars Episodes 1-9 Highlights
10/25/23 Marvel Halloween Werewolf by Night
11/1/23 Star Wars TV Shows Disney+
11/8/23 The Marvels Captain Marvel/WandaVision/Ms. Marvel
11/15/23 Star Wars LEGO Day! LEGO
11/22/23 Marvel TV Shows AOS, Disney+
11/29/23 Star Wars TV Shows SW Holiday Special
12/6/23 Guardians of the Galaxy GOTG Holiday Special
12/13/23 PARTY/Comic Book Swap

Office Manager

Stacey Edwards