Brody After Hours

Whoever thought school could be this FUN, checkout Brody AFTERSCHOOL! Over 100 students have taken after school classes this semester! We want you to join in on the amusement. We have great teachers, great classes, candy, and prizes. The second semester classes begin on January 20th.  Look for the registration forms in January.

Classes this term include:

Want to know how to play guitar like Dan Richards, or what a fret is? This is what these students have been doing in Guitar class all semester. Teacher Phil Porter demonstrates picking, strumming and all the cool moves that make a guitarist and gives you the chance to practice your skills.

Ever heard of ….
Grease is the word
Grease is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s got groove, it’s got meaning Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Grease is the way we are feeling
Well these Musical Theater students have, and they want to sing it to you!

Calligraphy, fancy writing, is our newest class. Impress your friends by creating elegant letters on the iPad or on pretty paper.

“Check, checkmate, great! Let’s play again.” These students battle each other on the boards matching wits to wits to see who wins the Strategy Games,  like chess and other board games.

With a partnership from Google CS-First, students are now learning basic computer coding and are using these skills to learn Video Game Design. Other classes sponsored by Google include Storytelling, Fashion Design, Media Art and Computer Animation, all coming to a classroom near you soon!

Using iPad Science apps, combined with hands-on labs, students can discover astronomy, outer space and the science of the world around us in an interactive environment.

Brody students of all artistic skill levels are sharpening their skills while learning the principles of Cartooning using both art supplies and media apps to create their own comic strips.

Make an apron, research recipes from around the world, go grocery shopping and create great international snacks in our Cooking lab!

Tell your stories about Animals A to Z and explore animal and human relationships.  The teacher will share her experiences in African animals. Students may interact with animals brought in from the Blank Park Zoo and The Animal Rescue League.

To view photos of Brody After Hours activities, check out our Flickr page.