PTO Minutes – September 2016


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Board Members Present:  Michele Combs, Nicole Graziano, Cheri Judge

Staff Present:  Thomas Hoffman, Kelly Comiskey

Parents Present:

Kristi Berg, Jody Judge, Janet Siegel, Cyndi Webster-Miller

Call to Order

The September 13, 2016 meeting was called to order at 5:38 p.m. by Co-President Cheri Judge.

Approval of Board Minutes

Minutes from the August PTO meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

* Nicole reported that the PTO had a current balance as of 9/13/16 of $14,284.18.

* Spirit wear sales of $470

* Adventureland sales of $751 were slightly revised downward by $90 as we mistakenly claimed a larger deposit than what we gave the bank.

* Cheri Judge moved to approve the treasurer’s report. Michele Combs seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

BoxTops: Elizabeth will come to the October meeting with ideas for when to do the box top drive and related contests. Box tops collected must be turned in by December 1 and March 1.

Book Fair:

* Book fair to be set up in the library for the exhibition on Oct 17th and 18th.  Spring dates are February 20th and 21st.

* Cyndi reported she will choose kids for the Jr Crew and will have them get together for metting/pizza party. Meeting/pizza party to hang signs and train for the book fair will be 10/3/16 from 2:30-5pm.

* Mr. Hoffman suggested that she use the ambassadors and/or diplomats.  These are kids voted by their classmates into their roles, much like student council.  There are 6 ambassadors (2 per grade level) and 42 diplomats.  Cyndi agreed to use the ambassadors to work the book fair.

* We currently have a credit in our book fair account in the amount of $730.

* Incentive chosen by Cyndi from Scholastic was for the advertising basket, which includes big signs.

* Scholastic has a goal for Brody to make $800 in sales. If we don’t make this money in sales we will be penalized for cost of shipping book fair items to the school.  Scholastic

has a goal for Brody to make $2200 in sales in order for us to be allowed to have a book fair in the spring.

Club’s Choice Fall Fundraiser:

* We are selling items from both the frozen foods and holiday gifts brochures.  Our profit is 40% on frozen foods and 45% on non-frozen items.

* Start Date:  Friday, October 7—on this day Bob Vogel will come to Brody during “challenge time” and promote the fundraiser to each grade of students in the gym.  Mr. Hoffman has agreed to this.  Michele will work out the details of this with Bob.  Bob will pay for promotional flyers, parent cover letters and order packets for the kids. Bob has all of the packets already which you will need to work out a delivery date for.  Suggested Oct. 6 since we don’t have storage for the boxes.

* Turn-in Date:  Monday, October 17—students must turn in all orders to you/your volunteers

* Orders sent to Club’s Choice by:  Monday, October 24

* Delivery Dates:  Tuesday, November 22 and a second delivery date of Tuesday, November 29 for items not distributed Nov. 22 which is the week of Thanksgiving in case students are out.  Bob will be present on the delivery date to distribute items to the kids.

* Bonuses for signing with Club’s Choice:  Bob agreed to allow the PTO a $300 online “shopping spree” which Michele will work out the ordering details for with the board.

* Additionally, Bob is giving the school an LED Programmable message board.  Michele will work out the details of this with Bob as well as figuring out with Mr. Hoffman where this message board should be installed.

Color Run:  The 3rd Brody Color Run will be held Saturday, September 17 at 9 a.m. rain or shine.

* Currently have 93 people signed up for the Color Run.  This is down from 140 last year.  Teacher participation is also down significantly from last year.

* Discussion and vote passed to continue to have the Color Run on Saturday despite recent death of Lea Phann.

* Vote passed to make the run a “Celebration of Life” for Lea Phann with proceeds to go to the Phann family.

* Kelly Comiskey to call Lea’s mom to see if the family is okay with this.

* Jody will order 150 more packets of color tomorrow if given the word that the Phann family is okay with celebration of Lea’s life.

* PTO will try to recruit more participants and raise more funds at the PTO table before school from 7:15am to 7:40am Thurs, 9/15, and Friday, 9/16.   Michele Combs and Jody Judge to work table on Thurs and Janet Siegel and Jody will work on Friday.

* Jody will revise the communications to reposition the race.  Mr. Hoffman/Sherri Oliver will repromote the event to parents, students and teachers on 9/14/16.

* Mr. Hoffman to find mega phone for use Saturday morning.  Mr. Hoffman to also communicate with teachers that we need volunteers.

* Discussion regarding green ribbons/arm bands to represent Lea Phann.  Cheri will work on this.

* HyVee doesn’t have the staff to sell donuts and coffee at the Color Run.  Nicole offered to pay for and pick up these items to make them available for sale.

* Janet Siegel will bring 2 cases of water (from last year PTO event) to use for the Color Run.  Jody will pay for and pick up additional water needed for the event.

* Nicole to coordinate Lincoln Silver Cord volunteers from 8:15-10:30 a.m. on race day

Concessions: would like to find someone consistent to handle all 6-8 events (volleyball and basketball games) to run concessions. This individual will need to be present at school by 2:45 to clean and run popcorn machine, sell candy/bottled water and popcorn.  This person will be in charge of organizing which games to run concessions for, organizing volunteers if needed, purchasing supplies and bringing cooler with ice for water bottles. Also want to explore offering concessions at band and music events as well as orientation.  Volunteer Coordinator Chairperson Kristi Berg will put together an email describing the position and volunteer opportunity to recruit a concessions chair.

Other items:

* Kristi Berg to email request for help with concessions during volleball and basketball games.  This individual will need to be present at school by 2:45 to clean and run popcorn machine, sell candy/bottled water and popcorn.  This person will be in charge of organizing which games to run concessions for, organizing, purchasing supplies and bringing cooler with ice.

* The board discussed whether we would continue to handle the pass through of grant money/financials for the local Chrysalis After-School Program activities at Brody.  Tiffany Campbell is the school-based staff who is on point for Brody with Chrysalis.  Chrysalis focuses on empowering girls who are economically challenged and ethnically diverse.   A vote passed in favor to continue being the Program Grantee for this organization of $4,000 per semester.

* Kelly Comiskey presented a revised request for funding for the 8th grade college visits bus transportation for approximately $3100-$3500 total. UNI is the most costly with needs of charter buses for approximately $1700. Central College in Pella and DMACC in Boone with a total needed amount of $1400 for both schools. Board members voted and motion passed for PTO to pay for the actual cost of bus transportation for college visits up to $3500.

* Mr. Hoffman has requested the PTO purchase a refrigerator for the teacher’s lounge.  Mr. Hoffman presented his choice for the refrigerator in the new breakroom as a 33″ wide maximum, 24-cubic foot from Lowes for $1100.  The refrigerator cannot have water/ice function/hookups.  Nicole will call the ReStore and see if we are able to obtain a cheaper refrigerator of the appropriate size.  A board vote at the October meeting will determine if we are going to fund the purchase of this refrigerator.


Meeting adjourned at 6:48 p.m.