PTO Minutes – October 2016


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Board Members Present:  Michele Combs, Nicole Graziano, Cheri Judge, Tracey Westergaard, Jen Corkrean

Staff Present:  Thomas Hoffman

Parents Present:

Elizabeth Williams, Cyndi Webster-Miller

Call to Order

The October 11, 2016 meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m. by Co-President Cheri Judge.

Approval of Board Minutes

Minutes from the September PTO meeting were approved.

Committee Reports


* Currently only 5 users but we’ve earned $10 in a month

* Elizabeth will get a flyer to Mrs. Oliver next week to promote

* We will collect points through August 31 and a check will be cut September 1, 2017

Box Tops:

* We will get $296 in December

* Next submission will be November 1

* Tracey suggested taking pictures of everything Elizabeth is turning in and to send them in chunks at a time so they don’t expire

* Next contest launch will run November 1 – December 1 for March payout

* Elizabeth will provide (30) 2 gallon Ziploc bags to all challenge teachers and there will be a competition between grade levels.

* The homeroom (challenge class) from each grade that turns in the most will receive a party with donuts and OJ.

* There is also now a boxtop app available – TBD on how/if we’ll promote this so it doesn’t conflict from Shoparoo

* The 2nd contest will run in early spring

* Once boxtops have been turned in, we will reach out to the Silver Cord kids from LHS for help cutting

Book Fair:

* Book fair to be set up in the library for the exhibition on Oct 17th and 18th.

* Cyndi met with the Jr. ambassadors and they are all set with a Halloween theme

*  Ambassadors will meet Cyndi after school on Monday for set-up

* All of the materials are at the school already

* Cindy and Mr. Hoffman will work together on set-up and table needs

* Nicole will help both Monday and Tuesday from 4-6

* Reading tickets were given to Mr. Hoffman who will give 2 to each of the 6th grade homeroom teachers. The teachers will pass them out to students they find reading and the students can redeem them at the Book Fair for a book up to $10 in value.

Club’s Choice Fall Fundraiser:

* Bob Vogel met with all grades in the gym for the kick-off

* Mr. Hoffman has been handing out the packets to the kids in the lunch room – but only to kids who actually want them. It is not Brody’s policy to pass them out to everyone as many leave as trash around the school.

* Michele to contact Bob as there were many discrepancies between the flyer he passed out and the contract Cheri signed. Cheri will follow up with an email.

* Once the details have been confirmed, an IC message will be sent out reminding kids to pick up the packets from the lunch room and return by Monday, October 24 (actual turn in date is the 24th)

* PTO member must be present to collect order forms – did we decide who this is?

* Orders sent to Club’s Choice by:  Monday, October 24

* Delivery Dates:  Tuesday, November 22 and a second delivery date of Tuesday, November 29 for items not distributed Nov. 22 – Michele to confirm this 2nd date as it’s not indicated on the sheet.

* Items will need to be picked up between 2-5:30 p.m. at the North door – items will be lined up along the hallway.


* Now looking to just do these at the following: Science fair, music concert, band concert (TBD on these dates), 1st basketball game – October 31st

Treasurer’s Report

* Nicole reported that the PTO had a current balance as of 9/30/16 of $16,741.31 – this included an amendment made for a check to Wendy Devries in the amount of $192.95 which was cashed in May.

* The board approved donating the proceeds of the Color Run to the Phann family. A check in the amount of $1365 was given to Mr. Hoffman. Tracey is creating a card from the Brody Community and someone from the Brody staff will deliver to the family.

* The board walked through the 16/17 budget – Nicole will make revisions based on discussions and email to the board for approval.

* Nicole reported that the PTO also has a saving’s account with $1,502.55 balance


* Cheri adding tie-dye shirts to next spirit sale order

* Brody is doing athletic shirts for volleyball, basketball and cheer participants

* Tracey is ordering 850 cookies for Fall Fling Social which will take place Thursday, October 27 – Mr. Hoffman will find Brody staff to pick them up that morning

* At November’s meeting we need to plan the teacher appreciation event

* Nicole to look for a refrigerator for the staff at the Re-Store. The board approved her

spending up to $1,000 on this purchase.

* Brody’s 50th anniversary celebration is scheduled to take place April 9. The board agreed PTO should be involved with this event and could be the spring fundraiser. Brody has a $750 budget for marketing the event.

* Brody will plant a tree in the spring in memory of Lea Phann.


Meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.