PTO Minutes – November 15, 2016


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Board Members Present: Tracey Westergaard, Nicole Graziano, Jen Corkrean

Staff Present: Thomas Hoffman, JoLynn May, Kelly Comiskey,

Parents Present:


Call to Order

The October 15, 2016 meeting was called to order at 5:38 p.m. by Co-President Tracey Westergaard.

Approval of Board Minutes

Approval of October minutes was tabled until board has a copy to review.

Committee Reports

  • No committee reports

Treasurer’s Report

  • Our bond has been reinstated
  • Nicole tried to file our tax return with the password and username Wendy gave her but she can’t log in. It’s nothing urgent but she will ask another board member to meet at school one night to try to log in.
  • Nicole reported that the PTO had a current balance as of 10/31/16 of $29,925.96
  • The board approved the budget for 16/17 of $8,900
  • The Re-Store no longer delivers. It was decided that Tracey would go to Home Depot to purchase a refrigerator and will have it delivered.
  • Nicole wrote a check to Tracey Westergaard in the amount of $1,500 for the purchase of a new refrigerator for the teachers. Tracey will use the balance of this money to purchase (85) $10 gift cards for the staff appreciation luncheon – this will cover all staff currently working at Brody including kitchen staff. Tracey will provide receipts.


Memorial for Josef Fuller –

  • Kelly will call his family the week after Thanksgiving to share our thoughts on his memorial.
  • The plan is to sell pizza, cookies, popcorn and pop at the band concert, Thursday, December 15. Kelly is going to contact Paesano’s to see if they would be willing to donate. Once confirmed, Jen will run with getting ordered and picked up.
  • A donation box will also be available at the concert.
  • The board approved matching the donation given to the Phann family of $1,365.00
  • Tracey will contact the manager at Hy-Vee to find out about donating cookies and pop to sell at the concert.
  • The concert begins at 6:30. All sales need to be done prior to the concert starting as we don’t want people coming and going from the concert. We can start selling at 5:30 or 5:45 and advertise dinner before the concert.
  • Estimated 600 people (students and family) will attend the concert.
  • We will finalize details at December meeting and discuss quantities.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

  • Date is set for Wednesday, December 7
  • Tracey sent Kristi Berg an email asking her to arrange for volunteers to bring food
  • Cheri to ask Wendy if she will prepare lasagna again
  • The board approved getting $10 gift cards for all 85 employees for this luncheon. We had $250 budgeted and will use the balance we had set aside for the purchase of the refrigerator.

Principal’s Comments

  • Brody has not had any protests after the election. Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Pilcher visited every room last week and told students staff was available to help discuss if they had questions or concerns.
  • It has been a rough fall for the Brody staff. Morale is down. The board agreed we need to put extra effort into the appreciation lunch.


Meeting adjourned at 6:38 p.m.