PTO Minutes – November 14, 2017


Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Board Members Present:  Kristi Berg, Michele Combs, Nicole Graziano, Cheri Judge

Staff/Teachers Present:  Jana Canny, Thomas Hoffman, Mary Merfeld, Megan Vanderflute

Parents Present:


Call to Order

The November 14, 2017 meeting was called to order at 4.05 p.m. by President Cheri Judge.

Approval of Board Minutes

Minutes from the October PTO meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

· Nicole reported that the PTO had a current balance as of 10/31/17 of $30,372.

· This balance is inflated by the fall fundraiser Club’s Choice receipts as well as the annual Chrysalis Foundation deposit.  The actual available balance is approximately half of what is currently in the account.

· October’s deposits were $18,123.93

· October’s disbursements were $3748.12

· Nicole presented the 2017/18 school year budget for the PTO.  We are anticipating an income/revenue stream of $8325 with planned budget/expenses equal to the revenue.

Committee Reports

Book Fair from Cyndi Webster-Miller:

· Sold $732.90 at the fall book fair.  Slightly below the $800 minimum Scholastic requires in order to continue receiving full book fair promotional materials.  However, with Cyndi’s relationship with Scholastic, and her past performance for book fairs, we don’t expect this to be an issue.

· We will receive $366.45 in Scholastic school bucks to buy items for the library.

· Cheri will touch base with Cyndi on how to manage this.  Cyndi should work with Mr. Pilcher to ensure we spend our current Scholastic credits that will expire soon, as well as the newly earned credits, to buy items for the library.

Club’s Choice Fall Fundraiser:

· Pick up days for items ordered are November 21 and November 28.

· Michele will work out details with Mr. Hoffman on where the items can be picked up—PTO preference is the cafeteria.

· We owe $6383 to Club’s Choice.  We made $5025 in profit.

· Michele will promote to the school the winner of the $400 cash prize for selling more than 12


Box Tops/Shoparoo:

· We currently have 65 users for Shoparoo.

· We received a $166.77 check in October from Shoparoo for fundraising efforts for the prior school year.

· Michele will consider doing a Shoparoo promotion to parents that all Shoparoo credits received will be directed to providing food for the holidays for at-risk Brody families.

· Michele will organize and promote a box tops promotion running Nov. 27 through Dec. 8.  She will send a promotion to parents this week to prepare families for the box tops rally.  The promotion will be an ISU vs. Iowa challenge with the class that raises the most ISU box tops and the class that raises the most Iowa box tops receiving prize of breakfast donuts.


· Memorial bench

  •  The school district recommends ordering a steel, powder-coated bench as the memorial bench for Lea Phann and Josef Fuller.  The PTO agreed to include Nariyo Lee who died Oct. 21, but had transferred to another school Oct. 9, on the memorial bench.
  • Mr. Hoffman has spoken with the school district about installation of the bench.  The school district will charge the PTO $500 for the cement pad and installation of the bench. Nicole will contact Bill Goode, of the school district, to see if she can broker a better deal.
  • Mr. Hoffman recommends at 6 foot bench.  6 foot, steel, powered coated benches are on average $1150 and could go as high as $1500. This cost does not include the cement pad/installation or the memorial plaque.
  • Cheri will work with class ambassadors to give students a couple of choices and have them vote for the bench they want.
  • The plan is to install the bench in May during a dedication ceremony.

· Music/Band concerts

  • The PTO will sell spirit wear and concessions at the Dec. 5 music concert and the Dec. 7 band concert. Cheri/Michele will organize spirit wear sales.  Nicole will organize pizza/water/pop sales.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

The PTO will host a teacher appreciation lunch and gift card raffle on Dec. 13.

Kristi Berg will provide any leftovers from the Lincoln dinner on Dec. 11.

Sarah Thomas will order items from the Club’s Choice fundraiser for the teachers.

Cindi Demeyer will organize the volunteers for the lunch.

· The board approved up to $200 for Nicole to hire a tax specialist to work with the IRS to reinstate our 501c3 status.

· Kristi Berg suggested 2 new fundraisers for the board to consider.  We could host specific days at Fazoli’s where 20% of the sales go to the PTO.  Lincoln Band did this—and it wasn’t well promoted—and made $100. This could be an ongoing promotion for us.  Another option Kristi suggested for our spring fundraiser is Tupperware sales.  We get 40% of the total sales donated to PTO—similar to Club’s Choice.  The board agreed to discuss both fundraising options further at the December meeting.

· The board approved the restocking of Brody spirit wear.  In addition to replenishing the current stock, Michele will order new items like shorts and long sleeve shirts.  All items will be available for sale at the Dec. 5 music concert.


Meeting adjourned at 5:32 p.m.