PTO Minutes – December 13, 2016


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Board Members Present: Cheri Judge, Tracey Westergaard, Nicole Graziano, Jen Corkrean

Staff Present: Thomas Hoffman, JoLynn May

Parents Present:


Call to Order

The December meeting was called to order at 5:37 p.m. by Co-President Cheri Judge

Approval of Board Minutes

Minutes of the November Board Meeting were approved

Committee Reports

  • No committee reports

Teacher Appreciation

  • Gift cards were not handed out at the teacher luncheon. Jen & Nicole to distribute on Wednesday, December 21 over lunch. All staff will get gift cards. Mr. Hoffman will provide a list to draw the 2 larger certificates. You must be present to win these.
  • Mr. Hoffman said this year’s appreciation lunch was the best received since he’s been at Brody.

Josef Fuller Fundraiser

  • Will take place Thursday, December 15.
  • Nicole, Kristi & Michelle will volunteer that night starting at 5:30.
  • Paesanos is donating 6 pizzas.
  • Will have signage directing people to cafeteria.
  • Tracey delivered all paper products including cards to be sent to each parent with separate check.
  • Tracey will make a sign thanking Paesanos and Hy-Vee Fleur
  • Mr. Hoffman will handle brief remarks prior to the concert
  • Hy-Vee donated 240 cookies and (20) 2-liters of pop. Kelli & JoLynn will pick up Thursday morning.
  • Tracey will send thank yous to both Hy-Vee and Paesanos
  • 20 pizzas ordered. Paesanos selling them to us for $6.50 (6 of them free). They will deliver 10 at 5:15 and 10 at 5:45.
  • Any leftovers will be sold as whole pizzas after the concert.
  • NO POP IN THE GYM!! And no food in the band room
  • Prices per item sold:
    • $1 popcorn
    • $2 pizza slice
    • $.50/cookie
    • $1 pop with free refills
    • Kristi is bringing ice and coolers at 5:00
    • Tracey created a donation box for additional donations

Club’s Choice Review

  • Overall a positive outcome for the 1st year
  • Next year will keep the drawing for anyone selling over 12 items
  • We made over $6,000
  • 6 different staff members complained about Bob being rude
  • Product pick-up needs to take place inside. It was moved outside due to last-minute communication

Naughty & Nice Cookies

  • 700 cookies were ordered by Jen and Jolynn will pick them up on December 22.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Will have formal report in January


  • It was suggested by Nicole that we add a picture of the Brody PTO board to the website and list out all of the things we’ve done to raise money this year
  • Planning for Brody’s 50th anniversary will begin in January


Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.