PTO Minutes – August 16, 2016


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Board Members Present:
Cheri Judge, Tracey Westergaard, Nicole Graziano, Michele Combs, Jen Corkrean

Staff Present:
Thomas Hoffman, Sherri Oliver

Parents Present: 

Cindy Webster-Miller, Elizabeth Williams, Jody Judge

Call to Order

The August 16, 2016 meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m. by Co-President Cheri Judge.

Approval of Board Minutes

Minutes from the June PTO meeting were approved with one change.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Nicole reported that the PTO had a current balance as of 6/30/16 of $14,284.18. No activity was reported in July.
  • A brief history of financials was given to new board members. $14,000 in the bank is a standard amount to start the fiscal year – which began August 1. We were short of our projected budget due to low cookie dough and candy sales, and not as much was made on the fun run.
  • Money remains for the teacher wish list. Mr. Hoffman sent out a survey to the teachers – which received minimal response – mostly technology. They are in need of a new refrigerator and furniture for the renovated break room. Brody staff is to research size and model for a refrigerator and present to the board at the September meeting to purchase.
  • Money has also been requested for 8th grade college visits. An estimated cost was $4,700. Sherri Oliver will research prior cost and present the request to the board at the September meeting.
  • Tracey Westergaard moved to approve the treasurer’s report. Jen Corkrean seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

BoxTops: Elizabeth will come to September meeting with ideas for when to do the box top drive and related contests. Box tops collected must be turned in by December 1 and March 1.

Shoparoo: Elizabeth also came with more information on Shoparoo

  • This is an app where you take a picture of your receipt from participating stores and restaurants.
  • Brody will receive Roo bucks based on sales.
  • She noted that schools with only 40 people participating can earn $1,000.
  • Brody is already registered for this app.
  • Once participation begins, Brody will be entered for sweepstakes: every month a school will win $1,000 and once a year a school will win $15,000.
  • The app will show results by grade to promote competition.
  • You are also able to split your spending between schools or grades for other children.
  • Information about this needs to be added to the PTO website.

Book Fair: 

  • Cindy reported that we will be getting table top displays this year.
  • Dates of book fair are still TBD pending the District’s decision on our exhibition dates.
  • Cindy will once again use Jr. Crew members who are interested in helping to help spark interest from other students. She will draw 2 names for each grade.
  • A 2nd book fair will also be held in March – dates TBD

Clubs Choice

  • Cheri signed a contract with Club’s Choice after researching with other schools. They have a variety of food and gifts. As a reference, Weeks made $6,000.  
  • Michele Combs will chair this fundraiser with Cindy Webster-Miller assisting.


    • Bob Vogel will drop off 18 boxes of ordering catalogues to the school October 6.
  • Bob Vogel will come do the kick-off to the students on October 7. 
  • October 17 orders from students need to be turned in.
  • October 24 all orders must be submitted to Club’s Choice.
  • Club’s Choice will deliver orders to the school on 2 dates: November 22 and November 29. November 22nd is the day before Thanksgiving break so additional assistance may be needed.


Color Run:  The 3rd Brody Color Run will be held Saturday, September 17 at 9 a.m. rain or shine.

  • Participants must be pre-registered for the Brody Color Run.
  • Last year we had 147 participants, up from 40 the year before.
  • Jody has received approval from DM Park & Rec as well as the Southwestern Hills Association.
  • T-shirts are $5 (optional). PTO does not make money on t-shirts. This year extended sizes will be on the order form (they will be $7).
  • $10 to participate
  • Jody is waiting to hear back from Hy-Vee Fleur on their interest in selling donuts, coffee & OJ.
  • A Facebook page has been established and will be promoted to students via PTO webpage.
  • Will have balloons and candy at the finish
  • Items that need to be done:
  • Need to create and distribute flyers for open house – date TBD
  • Posters created to promote event.
  • Nicole to coordinate 8 Lincoln Silver Cord volunteers from 8:15-10:30 a.m. on race day
  • Nicole to arrange for a porta potty
  • September 6-8: PTO desk needs to be staffed before school to take registrations
  • September 8: t-shirts and color needs to be ordered
  • September 15-16: volunteers need to bag the color
  • Bottled waters need to be purchased or donated
  • Day of:
  • T-shirts will be arranged by size and handed out by Tracey
  • Mr. Hoffman will start things off
  • Staff will be given color to throw
  • Promotion of event:
  • Emails to be sent: August 26, August 31 and September 6
  • Jody to create PowerPoint or YouTube video with photos from last year and teachers will share the link. No approval needed for using these photos as it took place in a public space.
  • Will be added to the electronic board outside
  • Information will be added to the PTO website

Spirit Wear: $430 was sold during registration. Cheri will be placing a sweatshirt order and will include extended sizes. Items will be sold again during open house and Fall Exhibition.

Concessions: would like to find someone consistent to handle all 6-8 events (volleyball and basketball games) to make popcorn and sell along with candy. Also want to explore offering concessions at band and music events.

Principal’s Comments: this year is Brody’s 50th Anniversary. Mr. Hoffman is looking for a committee to help create a community event to celebrate this event sometime mid-fall. Would like to also make it a fundraiser by selling t-shirts, food vendors, etc. Invite former alum using Facebook.

  • Cheri will put together a promotional piece to solicit volunteers to chair this event.
  • Mr. Hoffman to get a flyer put together to give to Nicole to distribute at various Lincoln reunions.

Building will not be complete by start of school but will not impact students, only facility.

Other items:

  • A request was made that PTO messaging be comprehensive. Special messages only to be sent involving major events.
  • Cheri will send Board a copy of the articles of incorporation and the by-laws.
  • Zillow Ratings – 2 messages have been sent to the District’s Communication Director with no response to the negative ratings and disrespectful comments given to both Brody and Lincoln.
  • Merrill PTO is having speakers come in to speak to parents about brain development in middle-schoolers for a charge. Tracey will circle back to see how this goes for Merrill and the Board will entertain offering at Brody.


Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m. followed by a tour of the renovations.